Benefits of Soft Water

Benefits to You



More bubbles, less bubble bath

Softened water encourages soap lather to

form so less soap and shampoo is needed.

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Alleviate eczema and dry skin conditions

Eczema, psoriasis and dry skin can

respond positively to softened water.

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Smooth skin & soft, silky hair

Enjoy soft, silky skin and hair everyday. Your

home spa will be the perfect way to unwind.

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Benefits to Your Home



Softer, brighter looking clothes

Softened water removes residual impurities making

your clothes feel softer and look brighter for longer.

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Spend less time cleaning

Keep your tiles and shower-screen free from limescale

and banish water marks from taps, sinks and toilets.

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Benefits to Your Wallet




Save up to £400 a year

Use up to 75% less soaps and detergents.

Good for the environment your purse too!

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Increase the life of your water using appliances

Washing machines and dishwashers work better

for longer when using softened water.

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