Benefits to Your Pocket

Save money on water heating bills

When you’ve seen what limescale can do to your kettle, can you imagine the damage it’s doing to other appliances in your home?

Unlike a scaled-up kettle that we can see, we tend not to worry about the things that aren’t visible to us. Hard water can however be equally damaging to the internal working parts of other more expensive household appliances such as Dishwashers, Washing Machines and Boilers.

We spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds on appliances so why wouldn’t you want to protect them and increase their longevity. Some may consider anti-scale tablets for their appliances; these are however only a short-term and costly fix in the long run where they only tackle one specific appliance.

It is a fact that soft water can extend the life of your appliances and is the only long-term solution for tackling the damage limescale can do.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Soft water will considerably reduce the risk of your appliances breaking down and enhance performance. How?

  1. The working parts of your washing machine that deliver the water will stay scale free so less energy is used and more water passes through efficiently.
  2. You can use less washing powder and dishwasher detergent as soft water makes it go significantly further
  3. You won’t need to put any additional salt in your dishwasher
  4. Your crockery and glassware will stay sparklingly clear with no cloudy smears or smudges


A boiler serves to heat and carry water through pipes around your home giving you hot water for washing and a warm, cosy house!

If you have hard water running through those pipes limescale will quickly build up. It forms a rim of ‘limescale rock’ effectively within your pipes preventing the free flow of water running through. In reality, the hot water is wasting energy heating up the ‘rock’ on the inside of the pipes and not getting to the external wall of the pipe which actually radiates the heat.

Inside the boiler itself, the internal working parts that heat the water will also become blocked and covered with limescale, making the boiler work harder thus wasting more energy. It can become far less efficient and can result in serious breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Soft water will help to maintain the original factory efficiency rating of your boiler recommended by the manufacturer.

The average boiler repair is £235.37 with a new boiler costing between £1,800.00 - £3,500.00. A Kinetico water softener can stop limescale building up further in your boiler system, and slowly over time begin to repair some of the damage already caused.