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How to make your laundry soft

Do you look forward to doing the laundry? 
Not many of us do but having soft water in your home will make it an altogether more pleasurable experience.

You’ll notice how soft and luxurious your clothes and towels feel from day one. It’s like putting on brand new clothes every day.

Towels and clothes washed in hard water soon become starchy, scratchy and faded. As detergents don’t lather as well in hard water, you’ll use 75% more washing detergent than you would with soft water. 

Some packs of well-known washing detergents have recommendations to use considerably less if you have soft water in your home.

So what’s the science bit?

When you use more detergent it is often difficult for your machine to wash and rinse out all the suds so it’s the residue suds left in your laundry items that makes the colours dull and your clothes starchy and scratchy.

Who wouldn’t want bright, fluffy soft towels and a wardrobe of clothes that stay looking like new?