Osmolux Plus Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Station (With Pump)

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Osmolux Plus Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage Drinking Water Station (with pump)

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The Osmolux+ Drinking Water Station gives you 98% pure filtered water with the perfect blend of minerals added back, to keep the PH level at a body loving neutral and deliver the delicious, well rounded taste of mineral bottled water. The 5 stage filter system ensures optimum quality water with minimum water waste, 24/7.


The Osmolux+ can be easily fitted under the kitchen sink or into a cupboard either side. The install is simple, as it has three connections, drain, water feed & tap (all push-fit fittings) and a separate metal free drinking water tap to ensure no impurities enter the water when dispensed.


* Automatic filter change Warning Light

* Automatic Leak Sensor

* Fast flow with Booster Pump

* Filmtec High Quality membrane (NSF Certified)

* Calgon Carbon filters (Made in the USA & NSF Certified)

* Auto Flushing for added membrane life.

* High quality Metal Free Tap

What the Osmolux+ Removes 


Sodium 90-95%, Calcium 93-98%, Magnesium 93-98%, Aluminum 93-98%, Copper 93-98%, Nickel 93-98%, Zinc 93-98%, Barium 93-98%, Carbonates 93-98%, Chlorine 90-95%, Bicarbonates 90-95%, Nitrates 45-55%, Phosphates 93-98%, Fluorine 93-98%, Cyanide 90-95%, Sulfates 90-95%, Boron 40-45%, Arsenic 93-98&


Humic acids 98%, Glucose 98-99%, Acetone 70%, Isopropanol 90%, Ethylbenzene 71%, Ethylphenol 84%, Tetrachloroethylene 68-80%, Urea 70%, 1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene 96%, 1,1,1 Trichloroethane 98%