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Kinetico Aquascale (9000 ) Drinking Water Filter System


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The Kinetico AquaScale Drinking Water Filter System(also known as Kinetico 9000) 

Reduce Limescale
Reduces Limescale

The AquaScale improves the taste of your drinking water taste great and reduces the problems caused by limescale. The AquaScale filter reduces the hardness ions, calcium and magnesium in your water and helps to prevent limescale build-up in your kettle, iron and food steamer, keeping them in pristine condition for longer. 



No More Filter Jugs or Bottled Water
No More Filter Jugs or Bottled Water

Filter jugs are slow, clumsy and produce limited quantities of water. Tap mounted filters are unattractive and awkward and bottled water is expensive and cumbersome so it’s good to know, that Kinetico drinking water filters eliminate all these problems and give you delicious, filtered water at a fraction of the cost per litre. With a Kinetico AquaScale, you can enjoy clean, refreshing drinking water on tap, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!




Great Tasting Water
Great Tasting Water

The AquaScale produces great tasting, filtered water that’s perfect for drinking, preparing food and cooking.

Delicious Tasting Filtered Water


Simple to Use, Easy to Install
Simple to Use, Easy to Install

Kinetico water filter systems fit neatly under the kitchen sink and are remarkably easy to fit.


Easy to Change Filter Cartridges
Easy to Change Filter Cartridges

Their unique ‘twist and lock’ system means that changing filters couldn’t be simpler. You’ll only need to change your filter cartridge when you notice limescale returning to your kettle.