Softly Laundry Washing Powder for Soft Water

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Softly Non-Biological Washing Powder has been specially formulated for use with soft or softened water. Many of the 'big brand' soap powders contain chemicals to try to 'soften' the hardness minerals found in mains water. Softly is based on natural soap and pure mineral salts, so it's suitable for sensitive skin. It is bio-degradable and ideal for use with soft or softened water. It's a concentrated formula with no fillers or bulking agents, so a 25ml scoop is all you need for a standard 6kg load of washing. As no artificial scents or perfumes are used, your laundry will simply smell clean and fresh.

Softly contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation or harm our natural waterways. A mild, effective formula made from eco-friendly ingredients:

  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No added perfumes
  • No biological enzymes
  • No bleaches
  • No optical brighteners

Softly is really economical to use compared to other brands because of its pure concentrated cleaning power.

Vegan friendly. Made in Britain.


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