Nero Elite Stainless Steel / Black, 3 Way, (3 in 1) Tap with Flexible, Pull-Out Spout

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Nero ELIT Three Way, 3 in 1, Stainless Steel/Black Filter Tap with Pull-Out, Flexible Spout

What we've all been waiting for... a truly stunning looking, quality 3 way filter tap with pull out spout ideal for use with any water filter or reverse osmosis (RO) system. The tap itself looks solid and is in fact uniquely (only one on the market!) made of solid stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability. Sleek contemporary lines and a black, silicone flexible pull out hose, make it an ideal choice for any modern designer kitchen or simply to add that 'wow factor' to an existing kitchen layout.

It comes with a separate drinking water lever on the left and a mixer hot and cold water lever that controls the flow and temperature on the right. The black pull-out, spray hose is super practical, easy to clean and perfect to rinse the kitchen sink, pots and pans as well as your fruit and veg with ease.

All the specs...

  • Connections - 2 x 60 cm Reinforced Hose 3/8 inch nut, 1 x 35 cm Reinforced Hose with one Jaco connector for 1/4 inch plastic tube
  • Max. Pressure - 10 Bar
  • Temperature: Min) and A4-80 Stainless Steel Screw Material. 0/Max. 60 ℃ Jet
  • Bore in the sink/worktop - 35 mm
  • Diameter Body - 45 mm
  • Hose - 24 mm
  • Max. Thick of the work surface - approx. 45 mm (Optional up to 70 mm)
  • Weight - 3.6 kg
  • 2 year warranty

Need something else...?

Love Your Water have a range of tap styles to suit your kitchen, all of which are available with any of our wide range of water filters and reverse osmosis systems. They are also ideal for use with a softened hot and cold water supply. Our 3 way taps have separate internal pathways for the water to ensure the filtered water does not mix at all with the unfiltered or softened hot or cold water. Some of our 3 way taps have 1, (all 3, hot, cold and filtered water can be controlled using only one lever) 2 levers (one is a hot and cold mixer, either softened or not and the second is for filtered/hard water) or 3 levers (one for each of the cold, hot and filtered/hard water).