Kinetico AquaBlu Twin Tank Block Salt Water Softener

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'Great Value Buy' for a Kinetico Water Softener at ONLY £995* inc VAT, delivery & Full 15mm Stainless Steel Fitting Kit 

The AquaBlu is a bestseller within the Kinetico range: a mid-range water softener, built with tried and tested Kinetico softening technology, offering great performance and reliability inside a robust, sturdy package.

How does the AquaBlu water softener work?

Suitable for people looking for a good 'value-for-money' option in water softeners, or those looking to upgrade from a basic budget electric softener, the AquaBlu is perfect for small to medium-sized households with 1-2  bathrooms (approx. 4 people) with a standard combi or gravity fed heating system. 

Like all Kinetico products, the AquaBlu is powered by water (kinetic energy) and is non-electric. It utilises two cylinders to provide constant 100% soft water 24 hours a day. The robust rotor-moulded cabinet is one of the most compact softeners available, easily able to fit under a kitchen sink and comes with a 2 year parts warranty and our *3 Year extendable parts warranty (Total: 5 years parts) and 1 year labour if fitted by us in the Bucks/Berks area.

With attention focused on reducing our household costs by ensuring boilers and heating systems work to their optimum efficiency, the Loveyourwater Team believes AquaBlu will be a sure-fire winner!  Have any questions? Then please contact us, we're waiting to hear from you!


  • Twin Cylinder  
  • Non Electric
  • Uses Block Salt (or Tablet Salt)


  • Uninterrupted, Soft Water Supply 24hrs a day
  • Compact, Durable design
  • Ideally suited to trade or DIY installation
  • Low salt and water usage
  • 2 Year Parts Manufacturer Warranty as standard
  • Exclusive - 3 Year Parts Extension Warranty (Total 5 Year Parts) & 1 Year Labour when fitted by our LoveYourWater team of engineers
Technical Specifications
  • Width: 205mm; Length: 475mm; Height: 495mm
  • Maximum working temperature - 50ºC
  • Minimum operating pressure - 1 bar (15 psi)
  • Max. daytime working pressure - 8.3 bar (120psi)
  • Inlet/outlet connection - ¾” BSP male