Barcelona Metal Free Three Way Tap

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Product Description

NEW! The Barcelona Metal Free Brushed Steel 3-Way Tap 

The Barcelona Tap is a high quality brushed 3 Way Tap which has no metal (lead content). Most 3 way taps have brass components which often contain a tiny trace of lead, which the Barcelona cleverly avoids by providing separate internal channels for the purified water which are from a non-leaching high-grade polypropylene.


The tap has two handles making it easy to mix hot and cold from the right side, and the left handle dedicated to dispensing the filtered water. Having 3 distinct connections, the tap is also suitable for use without a filter system, for example if you just want to use it with a water softener and have hard water connected with softened hot and cold.


The tap oozes quality and elegance, making a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen with the added assurance of the best possible filtered water you can have.

metal-free 3 way tap

Adding a Filter System

You can have any filter system with this 3 way tap. You can see a wide range of options here. The best systems are Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifiers, 5 and 6 stage alkaline reverse osmosis systems - giving you better than bottled water quality, with alkaline ionised remineralisation for the best purity, taste and health.

Filter System with 3 Way Tap

As we are specialists in water filtration, you have plenty of great filter kit options to add to you three-way Tap, ranging from the simple to the advanced. For more infromation simply call us on: 01494 673200 or email us at: 


How the levers work

Osmio Inox Tap Levers




Exploded Diagram

Exploded Diagram


Beautiful elegant design, superb construction

metal-free three way tap


Product Specifications & Dimensions

Barcelona Metal Free Brushed Steel Three-Way Tap

Tap Hole size: 35mm (1.38 inches)

Hot & Cold Water Hoses: 3/8"
Connection to filtered/hard water: 7/16" UNS plus 1/4" Push fit Adaptor Supplied

Metal-free - lead-free

2 year warranty - spare parts available if ever required

WARNING - as we have not yet tested the flow rate of the hot water under gravity fed hot water systems, we recommend that you buy this tap only if you have a standard pressurised hot water system (like a combi boiler, or any pumped/pressurised alternatives).