Barcelona Metal Free Three Way Tap

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Product Description

NEW! The Barcelona Metal Free Brushed Steel 3-Way Tap 

The Barcelona Tap is a high quality, brushed steel 3 Way Tap which has no metal (lead content). Most 3 way taps have brass components which often contain a tiny trace of lead. The Barcelona tap cleverly avoids this by providing a separate internal channel for the purified water made from a food grade, non-leaching, high-grade polypropylene.


The tap has two handles making it easy to mix hot and cold from the right hand lever, and the left hand lever dedicated to dispensing filtered water. With 3 distinct connections, the tap is also suitable for use without a filter system, for example if you just want to use it with a water softener and have a hard water feed connected together with softened hot and cold water.

The tap oozes quality and elegance, making a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen with the added assurance of the best possible filtered water you can have. 

You can have any filter system with this 3 way tap. You can see a wide range of options here. The best systems are Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifiers - giving you better than bottled water quality, alkaline with minerals added back in for the best purity, taste and health benefits.

As we are specialists in water filtration, you have plenty of great filter kit options to add to your three-way tap, ranging from the simple to the advanced. For more information, call us now on: 01494 673200 or email us at: [email protected] 

Product Specifications & Dimensions

  • Barcelona Metal Free Brushed Steel Three-Way Tap
  • Tap Hole size: 35mm (1.38 inches)
  • Hot & Cold Water Hoses: 3/8"
  • Connection to filtered/hard water: 7/16" UNS plus 1/4" Push fit Adaptor Supplied
  • Metal-free - lead-free
  • 2 year warranty - spare parts available if required

WARNING - We recommend that you buy this tap only if you have a standard pressurised hot water system (like a combi boiler, or any pumped/pressurised alternatives). Not suitable for homes with gravity fed systems.